7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile application development has come a long way since introduction in the early 2005 year. Over the passage of time that has been the introduction of multiple programming languages and tools — techniques it has led to the simplicity intelligence for designing mobile applications. Not only this but also it is now possible to develop applications using cross platform frameworks that allow you to develop applications on Android as well as iOS. With the amount of tools and languages that are available for developers and designers to develop applications on, it can become quite confusing as to which tool should be used for proper mobile application development.

Because of this reason, we are here to clear all the doubts and difficulties related to mobile application Technologies and shed some light on the various languages and tools available for mobile application development. Here are seven best programming languages that you can use for mobile application development.


On its own, JavaScript cannot be used as a sole mobile application language. But it can be used indirectly as a Framework on medium to develop applications on. Javascript is a very versatile language that is used for mobile application development.

There are many tools and frameworks available that rely on Javascript in order to develop mobile applications on. You can usually rely on Javascript as it provides you all the related features and functionalities by using the process of mobile application development flexibly and efficiently.


C++ general multi purpose programming language that supports object oriented programming and can be used for the purpose of mobile application development as well. It supports different tools and libraries that help developers and designers two code efficient applications on and can be widely used in the process of mobile application development pretty easily and efficiently.

C plus plus provides you with a vast range of libraries that can be useful for providing out of the box features and functions to mobile applications and can ease the process of application development easily.


C# is the Microsoft Technology That supports multi general purpose programming and object oriented programming as well. This language is versatile in nature and can be used for the purpose of mobile application development basically for the windows platform pretty easily.

C# offers you all the features that C plus plus is known for and is derived from the C plus plus language with some pretty much addition to it so that it can support and is the process of mobile application development for pretty much any application and implementation.


PHP is a general purpose programming language that can be used for both client side programming and server side programming. It is now efficiently used for mobile application development as well. It supports multiple languages and plugins that can be used for the purpose of mobile application development.

It provides numerous features and functions that are the process of programming for different programmers and designers. It can run on any platform and can be used extensively for different types of programming as well apart from mobile application development.


Java can be used for application development specifically on the Android side of suit on applications. Java was first to be the tone language to be used as an official language for Android application development. It provides the safety and security as well as reliability of Java which is known for providing stability location.

Java Developers and programmers love to use this language because of its elegant and robustness that it provides to development. Many developers and programmers use Java for mobile application development specifically for Android apps.


If you want to develop applications specifically for the iOS platform then you can rely on Swift language pretty easily and efficiently. sustainable due to developing applications for the iOS platform. It includes an emulator that shows you how your application will look and how it will run and also demonstrates the different features and functions that application will have.

Swift Developers and programmers use this language to develop iOS applications that run on iOS devices namely iPhone, iPad and IWatch. When coming to the Apple ecosystem Swift is a versatile language that can be used for programming for iOS devices. It handles memory management very well as well as it is in the process of programming for developers and programmers


Costly definition of adopted by Google as the successor to Java when it comes to Android application development. Kotlin provides ease and efficiency of Java and is more elegant and robust than Java when it comes to the Android side of applications.

It is known that Java and Katrina interoperable and can be exchanged with each other at the source code is fully compatible with the compiler. Mobile application development that makes use of Kotlin can run on Android devices pretty easily and efficiently. Kotlin is a true successor to Java when it comes to developing Android applications that run on the Android ecosystem.


You may have listed on the top languages that you feel are important for you to know about mobile application development. You can use languages for mobile application development.




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