Build Faster Web Applications with Angularjs

What is an AngularJS?

Angular JS is a full-fledged JavaScript based web application framework that was originally created and maintained by Google, who is actively supporting its development.

The Main Idea of angular is to combine well-known entities such as for example, components, designs, patterns, and development practices in one framework in order to address challenges that are encountered in developing a Single Page Application. Single page applications are the main highlight area of angular js as it is mainly supported drastically to create these web applications.

In order to achieve this purpose, AngularJS fully supports and implements standardized components for example models, views, controllers, and services.

This lead to the conclusion that Angular is heavily making use of two important software design patterns, Model View Controller (MVC) and Dependency Injection.

Because of the support of these two components, it is possible to develop faster Web Applications with AngularJs.

Besides that, AngularJS makes as well as implements the use of many abstractions, paying attention to balancing modularity and complexity.

Why Angular JS?

Developed by Google!

Well! If You ask me for my primary and first reason I would consider, is the fact that it has been developed and maintained by Google, this may seem obvious but AngularJS has been created, maintained as well as developed by highly talented Google engineers. There is full support provided by Google and as we know products supported by google are reliable and have backing by the tech giant.

This also implies that you will not only have a large open community in order to learn from but also get your queries answered by readily available engineers.

Adopting AngularJS as a practical framework for any kind of work of SPAs for your client-side development is rapidly becoming known to the entire Web application development community.

When I hear Google! I hear reliability!

Since AngularJS has been built and managed by Google, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with efficient as well as reliable code that will easily be able to scale with any project.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive framework that provides you with a solid foundation or planning on building a website, AngularJS is going to be your first choice

Because it is comprehensive!

AngularJS is similar and very much identical to MVC or Knockout or cappuccino which means if you’re familiar with any of the above frameworks you will have no trouble learning Angular’s testing API.

It is a complete solution as well as it is an all in one package for rapid front-end development. You do not need to make use of a plug-in or framework to build a data-driven web application.

Effortless implementation of MVC

We all know in the current IT market that there are many differences as well as other frameworks that implement MVC by asking you to divide your application into components. Then ask you to stand them up together.

Does this sound like a lot of work for you which is hectic and time-consuming?

The most probable way is going to be the Angular way of doing this is by implementing MVC by allowing you to split your application into MVC elements. Doing this will automatically perform the rest of the work, it manages your elements and serves as the pipeline that integrates them.

As AngularJS going to be the mediator, you should not worry about writing shortcuts between components.

Getting started is incredibly easy!

Getting started and installing as well as configuring AngularJS is way easier than you think it is!

With a few attributes that are going to be added to your HTML, you can have a simple angular app in no time.

As I’ve already mentioned above that AngularJS is developed and fully backed as well as maintained by Google and a community of developers. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary.

Is AngularJS the future of Web Designing?

In my opinion, if you ask me then, definitely! Or we are already there.

Will we be seeing more and more web applications and web-powered software that will be built dynamically powered by JS in the future?

Quite possible! Or actually responsive web designing with the use of AngularJS is going to be one of the best in currently available JavaScript.

Even with traditional, multi-page sites, will easily be having the solution that makes development efforts by the developers and testing of those sites faster, easier and safer will always be welcomed and it appeals to everyone.

AngularJS already has and has proven the ability to handle your project’s wireframes during initial development as well as testing, and other demands like animations and transitions for powerful websites and web applications.

With more and more web designers and web programmers and developers turning to frameworks like AngularJS, we are going to definitely expect it to become far easier to use as a whole — which is ultimately going to be great news for everyone looking to design as well as develop a whole new kind of web experiences.




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