How good is Node JS compared to PHP?

Web development is proving to be diverse as well as the ever-changing field. New technologies and tools come up regularly, because of which app programmers as well as developers have to face the dilemma. They often get confused between the long term as well as mature solutions & the new upcoming ones.

Backend programmers are often faced with problems such as selecting between PHP and Node.js. This has emerged as becoming a common situation with the developers due to certain reasons. Earlier, Javascript (the one which underlies Node.Js) didn’t have the overlapping factor with PHP. Javascript was used heavily in order to build the front-end applications and on the other hand, PHP was used basically for developing server-side applications. Working together, these two languages developed amazing websites.

Then, what happened all of a sudden? Why did the situation change? This happened since JS that was represented by an all new Node.Js began entering a server-side sphere & distracted the backend programmers from traditional PHP.

As a specialist in designing web applications, I always get asked this question. How good is NodeJS compared to PHP? OR how good is PHP compared to Node JS? This is not a question that can be answered in a straightforward manner. The answer lies in what you are trying to achieve and wanting to do with your application. It all comes down to a single statement. Long term sustainability or scalability is one of the number one factors that decide the answer to this question. You must have heard of PHP and Node JS. These are two of the greatest and the most used technologies that are used to develop awesome web applications.

We are not here to discuss the technological application and features that make them stand apart from each other. But rather discuss in what cases and scenarios can one use these technologies over the other. What are the case studies that make them perform in a manner that is appreciated by every programmer and designer?

When to Use PHP

  • You want to build a web application for your own requirements or your company.
  • You are not looking for a HIGH TRAFFIC web application, but rather an application that can cater to multiple user requests to serve the web application.
  • You want to design a server-side web application.
  • The cost of the development of the web application should be budget-friendly and affordable.
  • The time required to design and develop web applications must not be a huge amount.
  • You want lesser maintenance activities to be performed on your web applications.
  • You want stability in terms of your code to design your web application.
  • You are looking for ease of deployment and integration when it comes to your web application.
  • A blog or an e-commerce website with a CMS would work favorably for you.

When to Use NodeJS

  • You want to build front end web applications.
  • You are looking for a HIGH-PERFORMANCE web application that can cater to many and multiple web requests. The amount of traffic that this application can handle is double or triple at times of what PHP is able to handle.
  • You need a robust and reliable webserver to server user requests and is able to not fail in handling the user requests.
  • You want to use Node JS for a multitude of applications including web apps, multithreaded apps, game servers, browsers and many more.
  • You value time over anything else hence you want a much faster. technology that can serve web apps within seconds instead of minutes.
  • You require a faster backend solution for designing and developing your web apps.
  • You require a much more flexible approach towards your web application.
  • You want your application to be much more responsive and interactive.
  • You want to design a dynamic and single page application.
  • You wish to design a real-time application such as instant messengers.

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