iOS Vs Android: Which is Best for Your App Development?

Mobile operating system has been on a spree with regards to developmental activities. There are numerous operating systems and platforms that are available which support development of apps. In the Quest to finding the perfect app development platform let us compare two of the very best platforms available to us right now. Android and IOS. These two platforms alone control 96% of the market. Android having around 80% share, and IOS having 16%.

If you’re looking for a platform to develop an app on, you need to consider a lot many factors that affect the features of your app. Let us dive deep into our comparison article and find out which is the best operating system based on mobile for you to develop your app on.

We are going to compare and contrast these two operating systems Android and IOS based on 8 difference factors

So let’s get started


You will have no problems targeting the user groups in order to market your apps to these users. Both the operating systems of surging ahead in popularity. It all depends on your personal preference and the target user groups for you to market your app on. you can use both operating systems. Or if you wish to target both operating systems then you can go ahead with the cross platform app development route.

Learning Curve:

Both the operating systems have a decent and adequate learning cover attached to them when trying to master these operating systems for your own advantage.

Community Support:


User Base:


Ease of use:


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So we have compared and contrasted the main reasons that we feel differentiate these operating systems from each other. It all depends on your personal preference which operating system or target user group you want to use. If you are willing to build an app then you can Hire iOS Developer or Hire Android Developer from Nimap Infotech. Hope you like this article on iOS vs Android.