Reasons Businesses should prefer PHP for web development

Established in 1994, PHP is an exquisite and intuitive server-side scripting language. This language allows developers to create logic into it. PHP enables and allows for the creation of web pages as well as it manages and organizes the data returned from a browser. PHP also provides and includes many extensions to connect with the database.

Let’s just jump into the discussion. PHP has emerged and has become the most preferred language that is used by developers worldwide and even businesses with IT solutions.


PHP offers many different kinds of possibilities, it has just made creating dynamic websites easier. PHP allows developers to create high-class websites, especially for online businesses. As per the research by Wappalyzer, 82% of the entire Internet is powered by PHP. Plus, big social media platforms for example Tumbler, Facebook, MailChimp, and Digg are designed as well as maintained on PHP.

Apart from this, content management platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal are also managed and designed using PHP. This is because PHP provides the best user experience. From the developers’ thought as well as point of view, the command-line scripting and server-side scripting are easier with PHP.

Why Businesses Prefer PHP for IT solutions?

1) PHP is Flexible and convenient

2) Open-Source Management Makes It cost-effective as well as budget-friendly

3) Framework Diversity

4) PHP Allows Rapid Development & Maintenance

Moving further, PHP provides and has a very decipherable syntax that enables code modification without any updates. Since PHP has been uniquely and distinctly designed, maintenance and support can be done by anyone while handling a business project. What else would a business want?

5) Hosting Opportunities

6) For Retaining Customers

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7) Easy Expansion of Website Functionality

8) It is Everywhere

PHP is everywhere, whether you use a cheap hosting account or settle on for a pro-level custom web application in Ruby or Python. No matter whatever that you choose, PHP is going to run with everything. This is the very reason why WordPress is written in PHP (WordPress occupies 30% of the Internet).

Thus, it makes complete and common sense for IT businesses to prefer and go with PHP for better development and ease.

9) Complete Security

With the phenomenal growth of PHP frameworks that has taken place over the years and its popularity among developers. It is suitable for both simple eCommerce websites and larger business websites. Apart from this, you need highly skilled developers to make the most out of its integrity and flexible features that need to be used in the right manner. Talking about skills, Nimap Infotech has a dedicated team of PHP developers and designers who are experienced enough to handle your business website and keep it a step ahead.

You can discuss your ideas and plans with the team, and they will deliver results with absolute professionalism and creativity.