Reasons to Choose Flutter For Your App Development In 2020

Reasons to Choose Flutter For Your App Development In 2020

The tech world has already been in the buzz with talks about the language, hailing it as the game-changer in cross-platform apps. Right from the time Google supported and has launched Flutter. There are some of the best companies including the likes of Tencent, Alibaba, Hamilton Music who actively use Flutter. Reflect they have begun to use it and develop apps with it and speak volumes about how it has helped their business. As we speak, the amount or the number of apps built with flutter is growing in app stores. Flutter is becoming hot as well as a trending topic of much excitement. As a business owner or a proprietor, what does all this mean to you? Can flutter be of great help to you to take your business forward? Should you choose a flutter app development company and a business that develops apps in the flutter language as your development partner in your mobile app project? How does flutter fit into your priorities better with your business goals? That is exactly what I am here to tell you today. You need to understand and read on to discover the top 7 ways flutter can help you develop better, faster, more beautiful apps that give you immensely high levels of performance without making it an expensive, thus providing it the title of The Framework that you should choose in 2020.

1. Write Code Faster

“Flutter has been able to significantly reduced the development time we need to develop a new feature from 1 month down to 2 weeks,” says Bruce Shen of Alibaba.

“With Flutter, the iOS version of our app was ready in 2 days!” says Anil Sharma of Dream 11.

This sounds too exciting, isn't it? You get the speed up and the development cycle and get your app out to people that much faster. Flutter makes this possible and all the thanks goes to its revolutionary Hot Reload feature. This means that your developers and programmers can make changes to the code and see the results in almost real time. They are able to fix bugs, try new elements, anything really, and it takes just a few milliseconds to see how it works out. You don’t have to wait, compile, or reboot, or reload the app to see the effects.

Another way Flutter makes app development swift or faster is by streamlining and enabling coordination between designer-developer collaboration. What the designer envisions and how the developer makes that vision come to life has always been a place of conflict in app development forever. Flutter eliminates this friction and conflict by enabling designers and developers to work together in collaboration and try different options in real-time to come up with solutions that work. ‘Make it a pixel smaller’, take it a little to the right’, ‘make the animation slower’ — anything the developer changes becomes visible right up front, allowing plenty of room for the experiment without lengthy reviews and reworking. The result — Flutter helps you in order to complete your app development faster than all of your competitors. With this, you can lead the market with a timely product, not to mention the cost savings.

2. Write One Code for All Platforms, Save Time as well as Money

Flutter has the capability to makes cross-platform app development possible without compromising quality. From design to features and functionality, Flutter enables developers to make it possible to achieve the highest quality and near-native experience without having to develop separately for different platforms. This objective has always been a game-changer for app owners who needed a cross-platform app but were afraid anything less than native quality will affect their business.

3. Flutter Apps Work Faster

4. Worry Less about Testing

5. Customizable Widgets for Beautiful UI

6. Your App looks similar for Older Devices Too

7. Ample Libraries and Excellent Documentation

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So there you have it, we have discussed the 7 different features and reasons for you to choose Flutter for mobile app development.