Role of Java in Android App Development


As Java is a logic-based programming language, it plays a significant role in creating Android apps. Therefore, fundamental Java knowledge is required to create Android applications.

Let's discuss the significance of Java in Android App Development:

Independent of Platform:

Java is platform agnostic, and it can be executed on any platform. You need no specific source code on the system where it will be run. A class file (.class file) may be run on any platform, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. It means that your code is portable.


It is safe because it uses classes & objects and doesn’t enable the pointer or any other keyword to manage memory manually, reducing the possibility of unauthorized meddling in the program. It employs the Garbage Collector for memory management, which removes items that have been inactive for an extended period.


It enables you to work on many rather than a single thread, reducing the likelihood of your program crashing. If there is just one thread, the load on that thread grows, causing the program to crash. It has a built-in class called AsyncTask that allows us to interact with many threads effortlessly.


We may define it as a container that houses abstract methods. It allows us to use methods for which a declaration has already been made, and we may use them as needed.


One of the primary reasons for using Java for application development is that it is an object-oriented language. So let’s talk about what makes it extraordinary.


Inheritance makes it easier for developers to create apps. Extending the class may utilize fundamental methods without defining them in the application. It is also straightforward since multiple inheritances are not permitted in Java, which minimizes complexity.


Other factors too contribute for Java’s importance and widespread use. It is crucial in the development of Android applications. In development, all of Java’s fundamental ideas are employed. The use of advanced Java techniques delivers great functionality in our program. Knowledge of fundamental and advanced Java will gives a solid foundation.



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