What is Backend Development and various technologies for Backend Development?

There exist many Technologies for backend development. In the area of development there are mainly two different types of Technologies, front end development as well as backend development. In frontend development we concentrate on the look and feel of the application that is to be designed. This technology is governed by frameworks and tools that help in reducing the user interface or the UI of the web application.

Backend Technologies are the Technologies that help in managing the core business logic logic for the web application. Typically these technologies are used for designing of dashboards Analytics and many different stream based functions. These Technologies connect the front end and the database together to form a uniform technology that governs the control and dissipation of information for the user.

What is BackEnd Technology?

The backend technology makes it possible for you to manage the web server and the database of the web application. The simplest example of a backend Technology would be when you read a blog or any information website on the internet. The fonts, the UI, images pictures extra constitute the front end of the application, while the web server from where the information is being rendered, and the content management system from where the information is being fetched is considered the back end of the application and this particularly forms the backend Technology.

Examples of BackEnd Technologies

The backend Technology has evolved a lot and now there are various frameworks and tools that are available that makes backend technology development possible as well as in easy and effective. Technology is natural Ruby, Python, ASP.Net, Java, JavaScript, PHP all Make it possible to design effective and efficient cooperation and coordination interfaces that help users manage the backend of the application.

Here are the various Back end technologies and its benefits for using


PHP is one of the most mature and able Technologies that is known to man since the dawn of time. This technology helps you to not only create the front end but also the back end of the application as well. PHP is being used in over 80% of the websites and applications that are being designed. PHP is a prominent technology that enables developers and programmers to create web application and website pretty easily and effectively. The skills and concepts involved in order to create a web application can be easily understood by many PHP programmers and developers pretty easily and effectively.

PHP open source makes it possible to create different kinds of web applications without the need or worry of using a licence or any kind of subscription fees in order to use the particular Technology.

Benefits of using PHP

  • PHP open source and free to use by all.
  • PHP powers 80% of the websites used over the internet.
  • PHP is easy to learn and understand and can be used to be embedded in HTML pages.
  • there are many third party frameworks and tools developed using PHP.
  • various content management systems such as wordpress, Magento, Drupal are created using PHP.
  • PHP makes it possible to manage the aspects of database as well as the admin aspects of the web application print easily and effectively.


Python has been around since the last 20 years. this technology has a good 20 year history behind its back. Python has enabled itself to be used in all aspects of web programming and web development. Python is being used for backend applications as well as it enables to connect seamlessly to the database and manage all the admin aspects of the web application pretty easily and effectively. There are several frameworks that are developed that enables web developers to manage the back and its aspects of the application. Frameworks such as Ruby On Rails makes it possible to easily develop applications that manage the back end aspects.

Benefits of Python

  • Python is open source and can be used by all, no licences is required to run and use python.
  • It is easy to understand and comprehend, therefore it makes an apt language for the the process of backend development.
  • Python is able to provide high performance throughput when it comes to designing web applications or any kind of back end application.
  • There are various frameworks and tools available for using Python as a backend application.


JavaScript is used for both front end and back end applications. JavaScript enabled itself to design and implement web applications and with concepts pretty easily there for making it an apt choice to implement any kind of backend application. The various Tools and techniques and frameworks available that makes this possible to manage the backend application and to seamlessly co-ordinate the features and functionalities pretty easily and effectively JavaScript like its competitors is also open source which means that there are no and licences or expensive subscription fees needed to be paid in order to use JavaScript. It is easy to learn JavaScript and enable it to manage the backend aspects of any application.

Benefits of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is easy to learn and implement.
  • It is open source meaning that there is no licences or expensive subscription need to use it.
  • It tools and frameworks that are made and developed by third party companies are available and this makes the managing of backend applications pretty easy and effective.


Java is an object oriented language and there are several tools and frameworks that are developed that makes managing backend aspects of different kinds of applications using Java. Java is also open source which means that there are no licences or subscriptions needed to fully utilise and use Java in your applications be it front end or backend

Benefits of Java

  • Java is open source and anybody and everybody can use it.
  • Various tools and frameworks that utilise Java for managing the backend of Java based applications are present.
  • Java is easy to learn and implement.
  • The high-performance nature of Java makes it apt for backend development.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby On Rails is based on the open standards provided by Python. which technology enables developers and programmers to create and manage their dad web applications developed using python easily and effectively. Developers are able to manage the different aspects of the web application such as performance, processing ability and many more such things. The high-performance nature of Ruby on rails makes it the perfect choice to manage and develop back and applications.

Benefits of ROR:

  • Open source software which means that anybody can use the Technology.
  • Easy to learn and implement touch making it suitable for backend development.
  • Run on top of python which provide high performance interface for managing traffic.


We have shared with you all the backend Technologies and its benefits that they provide to developers and programmers. Choosing the technology depends upon the features and functions that it provides as well as the uses that we get for the application.




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