What is Frontend development and various technologies for Frontend development?

When we visit shops, what is the first thing that we see? We see the products & goods that are placed on the shelves and stores that bear a price tag. We get to see how attractive and complete the goods and products are. Seeing this we are often tempted to buy the goods and products that are available. The same logic and concept are applied to the front end. So basically what is the front end technology? The front end is nothing but the technology or application work that is used to design the Graphical user interface or GUI that sits between the user and the back end.

So let us describe a bit in detail what role the front end plays from a development point of view.

When we shop online, we see the various elements and entities of the website that we visit, such as the shopping cart, the product images, its description, the price, the various buttons and hyperlinks, etc. Whatever we see on the page that we shop or are tempted to by consists or comprises the front end aspects of the website.

So this front end connects the back end or admin part of the website. A website’s back end is the core business logic and inner working of how the website operates as well as any databases and other components that go into building the website. This is the backend. Both the front end as well as the backend function in full coordination and cooperation with each other.

In this article, we will discuss the various front end technologies that are available for developers and programmers alike and what role these individual components play in the development of apps and websites.

There is a lot to learn about front end development in general. As it forms the core visual logic that connects the website's visual aspect to the backend aspects.

So what are the various front end technologies or components development that is available in the market of the IT development industry, you might ask? Well, we are here to cover all of these technologies.

So let's start.

The main technologies that are available to programmers and developers are AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS and NodeJS. These form the basic technical applications or formal frameworks that comprise or make up the front end development spectrum.

Let’s discuss in detail what these technologies are.

Angular JS:

AngularJS is a product of Google, the search engine behemoth or Giant. This technology is used to develop single page applications or web applications that help with the processing of websites and the UI of different webpages. It can easily handle different types of processing for example, e-commerce page actions and the GUI or the graphical user interface that works for it. AngularJS is apt and capable of processing and handling the GUI aspects that go into building these applications and websites. It works alongside in full coordination with other different technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS to become and provide the full front end experience for the user. AngularJS has a lot of different applications or implementations that work in the field of web development for example creating single page applications and graphical user interfaces. If you are looking to hire angular developers then you can employ developers at a reliable or reasonable as well as at an affordable cost.


ReactJS is a product of the social media giant Facebook. A team of engineers had invented this front end technology to drive or power the main Graphical User Interface aspect of the social media platform. It was made open source and the public for any programmer and developer. They can use it to function and implement as well as use it in their applications and websites. It is also known as the full fledged javascript front-end framework that powers or drives the core operations of different kind of web applications. ReactJS is also used for various single page applications designing and User interface creation tasks. Get reactjs developers at the most affordable and within budget cost depending on requirements.


VueJS is the front end framework that was developed firstly and mostly by Evan You. This framework was invented 6 years ago and the sole purpose of this framework was to facilitate the development of single page applications and graphical user interfaces. It is a javascript framework that is mainly used to develop the user interfaces of the web, as it easily complies with the web standards. VueJS has been elegantly designed from the ground up or from scratch to create different GUI based components that goes into designing and developing of the web. Hire VueJS developers to develop your applications.


NodeJS is a server side technology that focuses on providing and managing servers. This technology is used to develop intuitive and large scale applications and serve as a platform for server based applications. It provides a high performance environment for developing web applications and web interfaces. It works on open source technologies and is easily scalable and is capable of handling and meets high traffic demands and standards. NodeJS scales well with designing and creation of different applications that need to have the highest performance and responsiveness for applications. Hire NodeJS developers for implementing effective as well as efficient solutions using NodeJS for web applications.


We have discussed the various web based front end technologies that are available to us for developing front end applications and their implementations.




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