What is Mobile App development and various technologies for Mobile app development?

Nowadays, businesses are facing dynamic and cut throat competition. Businesses are looking to catch as well as promote each and every consumer, users or customer out there.

In this competitive market, only businesses that have an online presence and those who are able to sustain and are able to grow are going to make the cut to survive. This is because the very reason that amount of reach that businesses get when you target an online market is just humongous and enormous. As you are able to reach every nook and cranny and provide value to the consumers in the market.

In such a situation, it is best if companies and organizations as well as startups hire mobile app developers to market their products through the use of an app for their business.

Let us look at the various mobile app development technologies that are able to enable this and, and which technology is going to be best as the right fit for you.

iOS app development

This is a mobile app development technology that is supported and backed by the Apple ecosystem of products such as Apple iPhones, iPads and Macs. iOS app development is robust as well as rugged which enables you to use all of the latest features and gadget functions such as mobile sensors, lidar motion sensors, etc When you develop an iOS app it will be working for all kinds of iPhones and iPads along with its ecosystem of wearable devices such as watches.

You will be able to cater to about 24% of all the world's smartphone devices and these are going to be mainly iPhones when you develop an app using the iOS technology.

Android app development

Android is another competitor to iOS with about the maximum majority of 74.44% market share in 2019, and this is expected to rise any time soon. You can develop at the most budget friendly as well as develop apps at the cheapest rates for your business and company using the android app development technology.

Nowadays with everyone having affordability for different smartphones that mainly run on android, you will be able to reach and make your presence felt among millions of people and many different users all around the world. This is the best platform compared to iOS and any other rival mobile app development technologies as it offers a vast amount of opportunities to businesses and companies whether small or large.

React Native app development

If native apps that are hardware compatible and expensive to manufacture and code are not your things and you want to use a technology that enables you to create apps for both iOS and Android as well as the Windows mobile operating system, then you can surely try and make the use of React Native technology. This is the technology that enables you to create multi-platform and cross platform compatible apps using Native technologies.

Built and supported by the social media giant Facebook, this platform is apt and capable for any kind of hybrid app development if you want to develop apps at lower cost and in lesser time as well as you need it to be suitable for a wide variety of mobile platforms

Flutter app development

Similar to React Native, Flutter is another cross platform mobile app development technology that is gaining popularity and trend in 2020. This technology is supported and backed by Google, the social media giant. If you want to support multiple platforms using a single code base then flutter mobile app development will be the right choice and apt choice for you.

This technology enables you to lower your app development cost significantly by upto 50% and by a huge margin compared to the development cost that you encounter when you make use of Native app development technologies such as iOS or Android. Flutter is much simpler, robust and much easier to use.

Kotlin app development

Kotlin seems to be an alternative to Java when it comes to any kind of android app development. Android traditionally used Java language to develop and code android apps. But now there is a newer language that is strongly supported by Google which you can use to develop apps and that is Kotlin. Kotlin is the newer technology that supports android app development. And it is relatively easier to use and beginner friendly.

Swift app development

If you are looking for a versatile language to enable you to develop iOS especially native apps and do not mind the cost then you should surely check out swift. The newest and the latest language developed and supported by Apple. Swift can do anything and offers you the most power-packed features that you will find helpful in developing mobile apps especially for the iOS platform.

Ionic Mobile app development

If you are looking to develop a hybrid mobile app that runs on multiple platforms and is lower in cost to manufacture and code, and offers you native app like development features then you should surely check out Ionic. This framework enables you to develop hybrid mobile apps that offer you the same amount of performance such as native apps and that too at the lowest cost possible and in less time than native app development.

Java app development

Java app development also is a good language that has long been used for android app development. If you have experience in Java then you will be able to develop and master android apps development using java language. You will be able to get all the latest security features offered by java as well as the flexibility and efficiency that is provided by Java will satisfy you.


It all boils down to your personal needs and preference in order to choose the best platform that you want to use for your app development needs.

We have listed down the various different mobile app development platforms as well as languages that you can use for any kind of mobile app development. If you have any requirements for mobile app development then contact us.